1.19.4 Survival Server!


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A real nearly-vanilla survival experience.

Minecraft Villager

True SemiVanilla

SemiVanilla is a new Minecraft server with bare minimum plugins and modifications to the vanilla experience The goal is to provide the best "semivanilla" experience out there.

Digital art of a Minecraft map

Random Spawn

Every player starts somewhere new, there is no main spawn! This gives everyone the same vanilla-like experience when starting out. Our world is 50K by 50K to give everyone room to spread out and the best chance that every new player will start somewhere unique!

Land Claiming

One of the few non-vanilla features we have is land claiming, and the ability to teleport to your land claims. Your builds are always safe, even when you are offline. Learn more about GriefPrevention here.

Digital art of Minecraft style castle
Minecraft Allay

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