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Bedrock and Java Supported!

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About Us

We are Minecraft players that built a place to call home. SemiVanilla MC is inspired by old-school servers, offering a classic survival experience with some extra features.

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Alex laying in grass with items floating around

Death Corpses

Don't lose your items! Find your corpse after death and get all your gear back. Your items are safe from despawning and safe from being stolen (for the first 5 minutes).

RPG Skills

Level up your player in everything you do, from tree cutting to sword fighting, and unlock special abilities in those skills. Use mana to activate your abilities or apply custom enchants to your items for a permanent effect.

Steve with glowing diamond sword
Minecraft style castle

Land Protection

Protect your hard work and have peace of mind when you are offline. Claim land using a golden shovel and everything inside your claim is safe from all types of griefing.

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