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Friendly Community RPG Survival

Asthonia is a PVE survival RPG server focused on having a friendly, inviting community. This is a casual server for those who want an active and friendly community.

Friendly Community

Team up with others, or adventure alone, the choice is yours! Claim land to protect your base and trust others to let them teleport to it. On Asthonia you are safe around other players, since PVP is off.

Minecraft Swords
Minecraft Enchanted Pickaxe

+ RPG Elements

Level up your skills to unlock special abilities. Level up your mana to use them. Enchant your weapons with custom enchantments and use your power to fight off challenging mobs, or summon a boss and defeat them to earn rewards.

+ Hard Difficulty

It wouldn't be survival without a challenge! On Asthonia, we set the difficulty to hard, which means zombies can break through wooden doors, spiders have beneficial status effects, starvation kills, and more!

Minecraft Zombie

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