Other Features

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Custom Recipes

There are several custom recipes on Asthonia and Khavalon. They can be used to craft items not normally craftable in survival, or convert items back into their raw materials.

Custom recipes are unlocked in the recipe book just like vanilla recipes! You can see all available recipes to you in any crafting bench.

To see all custom recipes, click here.

Trade System

Trades and job agreements are at-your-own-risk! Be sure to use the /trade UI when trading with other players to avoid scams. You can open this UI any time by shift + right click on another player.

Random Spawn

Every player spawns somewhere random within the overworld when they first join. This location is set as their spawnpoint - so they will always return there if they have no bed or respawn anchor.

There is no spawn on Asthonia and Khavalon.

Custom Loot Tables

Custom loot tables have been added for every natural chest! We've significantly buffed the loot tables, making exploration worth it, and providing more access to items that are normally limited in survival.

Natural chests also regenerate loot every 2-12 hours, so there's always something to find even if someone else has already been there!

Please do not break natural chests if you don't need to! Leave them for someone else to discover.