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Hard-Difficulty Towny Survival

Not your average SMP. Khavalon is a hard difficulty, pvp-enabled, towny survival server. Danger lurks around every corner. Will you survive?

Towny PVP

Nowhere is completely safe. War is always a threat. A chance encounter with another player could be the end. Careful, though - killing players will put a bounty on your head, and bounties are worth XP rewards.

Minecraft Swords
Minecraft Enchanted Pickaxe

+ RPG Elements

Level up your skills to unlock special abilities. Level up your mana to use them. Enchant your weapons with custom enchantments and use your power to fight off challenging mobs, or summon a boss and defeat them to earn rewards.

+ Hard Difficulty

Zombies can break through wooden doors and spawn reinforcements. Spiders have beneficial status effects. Villagers turn into zombie villagers when killed. Hostile mobs deal more damage. Starvation kills.

Minecraft Zombie

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